Pro Bono

It is our belief that pro-bono work is the best investment we as a law firm can make in order to better the world around us. At Shenhav & Co., we look for opportunities to leverage our knowledge of law and our belief that engaging in pro bono work is an essential part of every lawyer’s practice, in order to assist our community. By serving the needs of impoverished individuals and providing legal advice to nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations the lawyers of our firm connect to the communities in which we work.

At Shenhav & Co., we dedicate a significant portion of our annual billed time to pro bono matters, combining outstanding lawyering and encouraging our junior associates to participate in pro bono activities early in their careers, thereby realizing their career aspirations while fulfilling a social imperative aimed at improving the lives of others.

As part of our pro bono activities, we provide daily legal advice and various legal services to two non-profit organizations, the “Our Children” Foundation (Yeladim Shelanu) and “Unistream”. Additionally, we serve as a legal counsel of the “Table for Two” project.

“Yeladim Shelanu” Foundation

“Yeladim Shelanu” (Our Children) Foundation is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the children hospitalized at the Schneider’s Children Medical Center of Israel. The 450 members of the Foundation take part in a wide variety of activities to help the children and their families. The Foundation was established by Mrs. Helen Schneider (desist) who along with her husband, Mr. Irving Schneider, founded this unique medical center. The main goal of Our Children is to support the children during their hospitalization. Our Children purchases equipment for the departments, the educational team and the playrooms in each department.

Shenhav & Co., provides ongoing legal services to Our Children on a pro bono basis, and is also actively involved in the activities of Our Children and assists in organizing the events of this Foundation. Tal Danon Shenhav, a senior partner in our firm, has been serving as the Foundation’s legal advisor for several years and takes part in routine management, steering committee and general assembly meetings. She sometimes acts as the Foundation’s special envoy to international fund raising events held outside of Israel, in France, the U.K. and other locations, intended to reinforce the strong connections between these communities and Yeladim Shelanu.


“Unistream” is a nonprofit organization which aspires to foster business-oriented leadership emerging from resource scarce communities, thereby promoting social change and opportunities for success. Since its establishment, Unistream has expanded its activities and now runs 10 Activity Centers throughout Israel; and almost 200 young adults have graduated from it, all of whom are either doing army or national service and intend on continuing on to higher education. These technologically equipped centers are hubs of educational, social and communal activity and provide the children with a stimulating environment, internet stations, literature, audio-visual means and much more. Unistream’s curriculum focuses on personal leadership & empowerment, business administration and community-based involvement. Unistream groups meet in the center twice weekly for facilitated sessions (in addition to the numerous times participants visit the center spontaneously). These sessions are delivered by project facilitators as well as lecturers and professionals from companies and organizations. Sessions follow a well-structured three year program.

Fully outfitted Unistream centers provide an environment that enables participants to be creative while achieving unprecedented personal growth. In addition to the technologic and academic enrichment provided at Unistream, each center is equipped with a stocked kitchen and a lounge for socializing and brainstorming about impending business and social endeavors. The comfortable surroundings at Unistream centers enable the staff to devote personal time to each participant and to concentrate on promoting Unistream youth to be tomorrow’s business orientated leaders.

Shenhav & Co., provides ongoing pro bono legal services to Unistream. Our team also conducts lectures to Unistream members, educating them regarding the legal aspects underlying entrepreneurship and venture capital investments. Bringing the firm’s legal experience in the fields of high-tech and private equity into the classroom in order to try and shape the Unistream members’ aspirations to pursue a technology-related entrepreneurial career in an Israeli high-tech based market.

Table for Two project

tablefortwo“Table for Two” is a not-for-profit project initiated by members of the “Global Shapers” of the local Tel-Aviv hub of the World Economic Forum. The purpose of the project is to help and provide
food security to Israeli children in need. To achieve that purpose, Table for Two joined in cooperation with 10bis and LATET Organization, such that each time a 10bis user buys a meal, such user will be helping someone else get a meal as well by adding a one Shekel donation to each meal.

Shenhav & Co., are proud to be legal counsel of the Table for Two project, on a pro-bono basis. Amir Raz, a partner in our firm, also helped in the establishment of the project.


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